Jared Desmond White

Desmond White is an award-winning* writer of speculative fiction in Houston, Texas. At the moment, Desmond is midway through a Masters in European Vacations, or Liberal Arts, at Houston Baptist University and is teaching English language arts at Kempner High School in FBISD. You can contact Desmond, or check out his TwitterInstagram, and/or Facebook Page.

*The awards were in things such as "Most Impressive Male Pattern Baldness," "Most Nihilistic Educator," and "Most Likely to Resemble a Potato in his Late-Twenties."

Desmond White has published prose and poetry in Whatever Our Souls365 TomorrowsRat's Ass Review, Defenestration MagazineThe Higgs WeldonTheme of Absence, HeartWood, and academic papers about comics in Sequart. He runs a bad writing advice column called Bad Writing Advice.