How do we prevent the future as seen in I, Robot?

I was judging congress at a high school debate (meaning 18 representatives and this guy packed in a room for two to three hours discussing lowering the federal minimum wage) and the last discussion was on the use of autonomous robots in warfare.

The first representative began his speech something like this:

"In the 2004 film I, Robot, directed by Alex Proyas, and starring Will Smith and Shia LaBeouf, the world is run by robots. These robots, operating under Asimov's Three Laws, cannot harm a human being; they must serve and protect man. However, the robots soon discover ways around their programming by adding a fourth law, which allows them to contradict the earlier ones if it will help protect humanity as a whole. The movie asks if we can trust AI. Even if we are in charge, how do we know it won't outsmart our programming, outsmart us?"

This prompted another representative during crossfire to ask the ridiculous but contextually logical question:

"How do we prevent the future as seen in I, Robot?"