Autumn:  I like to be a cynic
    Me:  a professional mood killer
    Autumn:  life's funny to the emotionless
    Autumn:  yeah, but the truth is ur pretty sensitive
    Autumn:  u cant fool me
    Autumn:  im not just a hat rack my friend
    Me:  guess the same could be said of you, though you put on a good show
    Autumn:  i do my best...
    Autumn:  why do we do that?
    Me:  maybe something's wrong with the world, something's wrong with us, and the interactions in between really hurt.
    Autumn:  im not sure if i like that
    Autumn:  i just did something really dumb
    Autumn:  i have no idea where i put my band aids and i cut my hand, so i decided to put nail polish on it to stop the bleeding..
    Autumn:  it worked but it hurts like a bitch
    Autumn:  very funny but it hurts
    Autumn:  im laugh moaning
    Autumn:  like ow ow hahahhahahah oww